What is Coaching?

Coaching is a dynamic, time limited relationship, where a professional coach works with a committed client on one or more aspects of their business, work, career, or life, helping them to identify clear goals and objectives, along with timeframes for completion.

Wizard Coaching understands the challenges that affect businesses, business leaders, key executives and individuals alike and works with them, in their environment, providing focused support to meet their specific needs.

Business Coaching

Never has the commercial and trading environment been so challenging, therefore all businesses need to leverage every resource and opportunity available to achieve the success they deserve.

Business coaching helps provide that extra support and focus to you and your team, so that you can identify, prioritise and put into effect, those goals and actions that will really make a difference to performance, results and profits. The approach and techniques will be particularly beneficial in a number of scenarios, for example, if you need to:

  • Identify a clear direction and strategy for your business
  • Raise output from existing resources
  • Diversify and enter new markets
  • Develop new products and solutions
  • Embrace change and improve team performance
  • Improve performance, results and profits

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Executive responsibility and leadership of an organisation, function or team requires the vision of what’s possible, clarity of approach, an understanding of capabilities and the effective harnessing of resources to succeed and achieve collective success.

Executive and leadership coaching helps senior individuals focus on their specific areas of responsibility, identifying stretching, yet achievable, goals to improve business and personal performance. It does this by providing a confidential and non judgemental environment, where individuals can explore a whole range of issues, in turn prioritising options into a clear plan of action. This approach is particularly relevant if you need to:

  • Inspire, engage and motivate teams
  • Review the organisation from a different perspective
  • Access a confidential sounding board to discuss and debate ideas
  • Improve relationships and interaction with others (internally and/or externally)
  • Develop personal competences in readiness for new responsibilities
  • Invoke change and raise performance

Personal Coaching and Mentoring

It’s tough out there, especially if you don’t have access to the specialist skills, resources  and support that all of us need from time to time, in order to maximise personal performance and achieve the results and rewards we deserve. 

A personalised programme for aspiring individuals and business owners who want a more involved and participative approach from their coach, using a balance of coaching, mentoring and consultancy skills that best suit their particular needs.

These programmes are individually designed, structured and delivered relative to the scope of involvement and intervention required, be it a short course of coaching over a set period, or a longer term, deeper, involvement. The approach and techniques will be particularly beneficial in a number of scenarios, for example, if you need to:

  • Identify and review the options for improving personal performance
  • Access a confidential sounding board to discuss and debate new ideas
  • Take control of your life and destiny, rather than being pushed along by others
  • Improve you confidence, self belief and personal esteem
  • Identify your priorities, setting meaningful goals, actions and timeframes for achievement
  • Get the results you deserve and enjoy the benefits

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