Q: What is coaching and what can it achieve?
A: Coaching is a powerful partnership that can support a committed client to identify and change aspects of their work, life and performance. With the dramatic effects of goal setting, motivational support, empowerment and problem solving, the coach will use a combination of skills and techniques to facilitate the fulfilment of your potential.

Q: How does coaching differ from other interventions?
A: Coaching is different to other interventions such as consulting, mentoring and training, in that it focuses on your agenda, rather than that of others; it works in the present and the future, not dwelling in the past; is goal orientated and results driven.

Q: I don’t know what I need coaching on, does this matter?
A: No, as the initial sessions will use discussion, questioning and structured techniques to identify and prioritise what’s important to you and from there set meaningful goals, objectives and timescales for achievement. Coaching is about you and your agenda and this will evolve and develop throughout the coaching process.

Q: What is expected from me in the coaching process?
A: Simply put, all that is required is your commitment to the process, an open mind, a willingness to look at things differently and to try out new ideas.

Q: Will coaching get in the way of my job and objectives?
A: No, quite the opposite in fact, as coaching will help you achieve a higher level of clarity and awareness of what’s important, allowing you to prioritise goals and actions, along with timeframes for achievement. Coaching focuses on your agenda and not that of the coach or others, so you are fully in control at all times.

Q: How long does the coaching process last?
A: That's really up to you and what you want to achieve, however the process typically lasts between 3 – 6 months. Individual sessions last between 1 - 2 hours, with meetings held on a bi-weekly or monthly basis dependent upon the specific coaching required; this being agreed at the initial consultation.


Q: How much does coaching cost?
A: Coaching is an important investment in you, with fees dependent upon the type of coaching required and the length of programme. This is something that would be discussed and agreed at the initial free consultation and without obligation until you decide to proceed. We are flexible in our approach and particularly keen to support aspiring individuals and new businesses.

Q: Where does the coaching take place?
A: Wizard Coaching is based in Fleet, Hampshire, however coaching generally taking place at your location across the Southeast, typically, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Sussex or London. We are also able to support businesses in North Devon and Somerset. Meetings are preferably face to face, but telephone coaching can also be included in the process, if this is more convenient.

Q. How confidential is the process?
A: Maintaining confidentiality is essential in order to establish and maintain trust between the coach and the client. Where coaching is arranged by a business for one of its executives, then the process and depth of feedback given to the company is agreed between the parties, preferably involving the executive in the process.

Q. What sort of people use coaching and is it suitable for everyone?
A: People from a whole range of backgrounds and with a variety of issues use coaching as a means to gain the clarity and outcomes they require. Every person is an individual, with their own unique challenges and opportunities waiting to be explored. Coaching focusses on the way forward, not dwelling in the past, with the coaching relationship designed to suit the individual and their particular needs. There are some circumstances where coaching may not be the most appropriate intervention, however this will be discussed as part of the initial consultation before moving forward.

Q. Can I try before I buy to make sure I've selected the right coach?
A: Yes, absolutely, as it's imperative that you pick the coach that is right for you and also that we both gel together, as the strength and openness of the relationship is vital in achieving the goals and outcomes you desire. We can do this at the initial consultation and also through any questions and discussions prior to that session taking place. Just contact me to set this up .

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